Juri Kobayashi


After studying fashion & styling, I started questioning about the fast cycle of the current fashion world and the meaning of producing new clothes every half year.


Naturally, I increased my interests in vintage clothes which have a lot of histories and stories behind and realized how much I admire the dresses which survived nearly 100 years and its style still look fresh and beautiful.

Through my research, I got inspired by many historical icons too, who had very strong personalities and unique fashion styles, and the way they tried to express their statements through fashion.


In the 'MOGA-Berlin' project, all my interests in fashion, interior design, music, culture and lifestyle, are finally coming together.


Moving from Tokyo and settling down in Berlin, I am now sharing my love for vintage fashion with you.





As flapper girls were the icon of the roaring 20's in western culture, the same type of girls existed in Japan and were called 'Modern Girls', 'MOGA'.


This global phenomenon and cultural exchange between West and East always fascinated me.


Inspired by the spirit of mogas and flappers, I offer a selection of one-of-a-kind vintage clothes and accessories - both carefully hand-picked original from 1920-40's and remakes from 80-90's - which will make you look very special and will fit the spirit of modern girls in the 21st century.


We have a good selection of rental items, so that you don't need to own anything to dress up. Go to dinners or parties always with a new look!


Since May 2013, the shop in Berlin Mitte is closed, but I'm more than happy to show my collection personally, if you are looking for a special piece for a party or some historical dresses for films and theaters. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook.